Sunday, February 28, 2010

Misc. pics of stuff I want

Here is another picture of the pink cricut and some stamps from stampin' up. I still don't know too much about Stampin' up, but want to know. I love stamping!! :O)

Friday, February 26, 2010

More craft show tips...

Another craft show goodie:

Rule 1: It's A Craft Show
You are selling items off a card table, so be realistic. There are going to be a lot of people who are just out looking. Some people may just stop by the see what's out there. Some people may be there to buy.

You can never tell. So be kind to everyone, but don't take it personally if they don't buy. The main objective is to have fun and see what sells. Showing off what you have made and getting to meet new people is what it is all about!

Rule 2: Grab their Attention and Give 'Em A Freebie
Display your most eye-catching items up front or on the outside of your tent. You want people to notice you immediately, and to make a bee-line for your table. We always hang our brightest, girlie items on the front of our tent. It attracts moms, kids and grandmas! Then once your customers have arrived, make them feel at home by having a bowl of candy, popcorn or homemade fans available next to your stack of business cards. That way everybody leaves your tent with something in hand.

Rule 3: Come Prepared
Make sure to have lots of change in small bills, pens, a receipt book, and lots of business cards. Make sure you are well supplied with food and drinks too, you may not have a chance for more than a bathroom break. Have all of your items clearly priced, some people are hesitant to ask about pricing. Hang signs that explain what you are selling and what it costs. We have had many people look at our tutus and say "What are these?" Even if it seems obvious to you, it may not to them!

Display your items in the way that they will be used. If it is a bowholder, put bows on it. Be available to answer questions and be prepared to play 'salesman'. Don't be pushy, but know that you are going to have to talk to your customer. A bright smile and an outgoing personality can equal some good sales!

For the Craft Fair

You have spent many frenzied hours preparing your art and craft items for the craft fair, but does that mean you are fully prepared to make as much money as you can at the event? Probably not. As creatives, we tend to focus on our art and forget about everything else (my house could fall down around me while I’m in the zone and I wouldn’t notice.) The problem is, you went to all that time and trouble to participate in a craft show, and I want to make sure you make the most money you can while you are there. It’s not just about what you sell at the show, it’s about the contacts you make and how you use them. Craft shows are a great place to network and market. Here are some easy tips to make your next craft fair/show pay-off for months after everyone goes home.

Display is important. Dedicate some creative energy to your display. You want to stand out in the crowd. This is especially important if your artwork is currently a popular trend and you have lots of competition. If you sell jewelry right now, you know what I mean. At the majority of the shows I have attended, I see the jewelry laid out flat-sometimes on black velvet or in white bins at almost every table. What if you bought cool, retro mannequin heads and used them to display your jewelry? I know I would make a beeline to a table full of faux heads to check-out what’s going on.

Once you have attracted clients to you with a great display, you need to capture their information. Have a guest book out and invite people to sign it and tell you what they think about your art. Make sure you ask them to check a box saying they would like to receive mailings from you. The book will be give you an idea of what people like about your art and you will have their contact information. Create a mailing list and make sure that you send out cool invites every time you are going to be at a show. Include a discount coupon on the postcard, that way you can track how effective your mailing was. For an even nicer touch, make sure you send out a thank you note, right after the show, telling them how glad you are that they stopped by to look at your work.

Have a free drawing. Ask people to drop their business cards into a hat and raffle off a prize. Instant list!

GET MARKETING MATERIALS! I can’t tell you how many artists don’t have any information about themselves out on their tables. What if I don’t want to buy today, but really like your stuff? How will I ever find you again? You absolutely must put out business cards. Business cards don’t have to be expensive. You can even print them out from your home computer; just make sure you give people the opportunity to find you again. Make flyers about trunk shows or anything else you want people to buy from you in the future. If you have catalogs bring them. Create a portfolio of your work and have it out for people to look at. You might get some special orders. I download digital pictures onto my laptop of past work and have a slide show of the work running on it during the show, or you can use a digital photo frame to display your portfolio!

More on marketing materials…Every product should have a tag on it with all your contact information. I just use my business card, hole-punched with a ribbon. This gives both the buyer and, if the item is being purchased as a gift, the recipient your contact information. The recipient may want to collect your work, but won’t be able to if there isn’t a tag.

Have freebies. Everyone loves to get gifts. For the holiday boutique I am participating in this year, I created special, creative gift tags. Each customer gets a free set with the purchase of any item. Of course, the back of the gift card has all my contact information.

Network with the other artists and crafters. Make friends. Even your competitors are potential clients. Gather the business cards of everyone who is participating at the show and send a friendly email to each one within a week of the show. Tell them how much you enjoyed seeing their work. If you remember something specific about them or their work, mention it. Tell them a bit about you and tell them to contact you if they ever need anything.

If you follow these few simple steps, you should have a nice list of clients, potential clients, friends and business partners in your possession. Now you must use this list to make it pay. Set-up a schedule to touch base with each person on a regular basis. Send them invitations to all your shows, send them your monthly newsletter or just drop them a line or a note telling them you are thinking about them. Have fun and be prosperous!

Items for a craft fair ~ Ideas a comin'

These pics are from google, but can be found over at she's amazing.....

These are some ideas of what to sell. These aren't from her blog, but from the web. They are suggested ideas.
Cards @ $2 each or 6/$10 - All occasion and thank you sold the best!

Lemonade gift @ $1.50 - barely banana folded like a matchstick cover or a pack of koolaid lemonade. The front cover had a lemon stamped on it and the words "if life gives you lemons..." from country comfort - Sold ALOT of these.

Christams Fudge gift @ $2.00 - this was in papercraft magazine and also posted on this site, a funny poem about having no time at christmas which you tie to a candy bar (your "homemade" christmas fudge!) I sold out of these.

All occasion cards (sold for $2.50ea or 5 for $10- most people bought 5)they were attracted to the wanda sets & cute "just a note" things like that- I would call them "girlfriend cards" and a lot a baby cards went but maybe it was just the crowd that day.

205 Individual Cards at $2 each ~ sold 41 = $82

5 sets of 8 monogrammed cards at $12 a set

26 packages of 10 Christmas tags at $3

18 packages of Snowman Soup at $1 ~sold 18 = $18

For MPPT contract...

I found these "Guidelines and instructions" on the net regarding a sample worksheet or contract that I may use. The wording goes something like this:

1. All items to be included in the scrapbook (photographs, memorabilia, etc.) are to be mounted using only those products labeled by reputable companies as "acid free", "archival quality", and/or "lignin free" (adhesives, papers, accents, pens, etc.).

2. Photos and memorabilia will be mounted in the album using acid-free photo-safe adhesives that are essentially considered permanent. While it may be possible to remove photos, it is not recommended, as damage to the photos will likely occur.

3. I understand that all efforts available will be made to insure satisfaction of a completed Album or page; but because I am requesting a CUSTOM, Individualized, Service, as the customer, understand that I cannot return a completed project for a refund.

4. All returned checks must be rectified with a "Money Order" within 7 days along with an additional $35.00(per check) fee; or the check will be turned over for legal collection. Any legal costs will be at the customer's expense.

5. Any embellishments that you would like to be used on your layouts need to be given at the beginning of the project.

6.There will be small variations because these are hand-stamped creations. Small changes may occur in stamps, patterned paper or embellishments. On each layout, there will be a spot for you to journal.

7. Please use an acid-free pen when writing in your scrapbook. Also use safe tape and other materials in your scrapbook. I can provide you with options if needed.

8. Special pricing for multiple purcheses.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How cute is this.

How cute is this?? It's a popsicle made out of soap. I found this on the Etsy shop.

Some Storage Ideas



Storage for Stickles:


Basics For Survival

To keep nice and warm here's a recipe I love too!

2 grahm crackers
1 marshmallow
1 block of hershey's milk chocolate bar. (just the little size)

Toast the marshmallow till it's good and hot and sandwhich it with the chocolate and then eat!! It's so sticky and good!!


I {heart} PinkE

Here is a Pink Cricut Expression. I love pink and almost anything that is pink. but I would so love a PCE Bundle. (pink cricut expression).

Cartridge Handbooks (General)

Sometimes I get tired of looking for the cricut handbooks, so I'm posting the link here. They can be found over on the cricut main board....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nursery University

Tonight, I watched this program called Nursery Univ. it was all about rich or wealthy, upper middle class white (non-african american) families compete for a spot for thier children to be in nursery school in the upper east side of Manhattan.

Check this out:
Application: $50 for each school per child
1 Semester $20K per child (selective School)
500 applications from parents
120 school applications
20 slots for children

Unbelievable!! One family paid $14K for thier child to play and nap in nursery school.. And why you ask? All to get into the best colleges. I'm just so disturbed by actuallying seeing a documentary on this!!

Country & City School
Ephiphany School
St. Barts
Mandell School

I'm going to look these up and see what the process/application really looks like just to satisfy my curosity. One lady who didn't get in....moved out of the city because they couldn't get the school she wanted!!!

I {heart} Copics

Why choose COPIC?
• Refillable ink and replaceable nibs
• 334 colors• Guaranteed to not dry out for three years
• Copic Markers are Non-toxic
• Alcohol-based ink dries acid-free
• Our Airbrush System works with COPIC markers
• Guaranteed color consistency