Friday, February 26, 2010

Items for a craft fair ~ Ideas a comin'

These pics are from google, but can be found over at she's amazing.....

These are some ideas of what to sell. These aren't from her blog, but from the web. They are suggested ideas.
Cards @ $2 each or 6/$10 - All occasion and thank you sold the best!

Lemonade gift @ $1.50 - barely banana folded like a matchstick cover or a pack of koolaid lemonade. The front cover had a lemon stamped on it and the words "if life gives you lemons..." from country comfort - Sold ALOT of these.

Christams Fudge gift @ $2.00 - this was in papercraft magazine and also posted on this site, a funny poem about having no time at christmas which you tie to a candy bar (your "homemade" christmas fudge!) I sold out of these.

All occasion cards (sold for $2.50ea or 5 for $10- most people bought 5)they were attracted to the wanda sets & cute "just a note" things like that- I would call them "girlfriend cards" and a lot a baby cards went but maybe it was just the crowd that day.

205 Individual Cards at $2 each ~ sold 41 = $82

5 sets of 8 monogrammed cards at $12 a set

26 packages of 10 Christmas tags at $3

18 packages of Snowman Soup at $1 ~sold 18 = $18

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