Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Under the weather...

I was under the weather for a while, but miss blogging..... I'll be back soon! :O)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Inspiration, I love inspiration

I may have posted this before, but it stands to be repeated, I love this so much. And below are some cards for inspiration. I've got to get back in gear. i was supposed to crop today and seems I've been behind so much!! Urrrgh. Enjoy!!

Stinky Lady....

Just had to post these of Kasia. It's actually spelled Keaisa, I think. I call her kasia because that's what she used to call herself when she was just learing to spell her name. Are her eyes big or what?

Prom 2010

This is my beautiful daughter shopping for her prom gown. She did happen to find two. This is my last year shopping for prom dresses!! Whaaaaaa!!!! It's such fun for a girly day out. (even if I am sick!) Yeah, I have an ear infection and sinus issues!! :O( But, I couldn't let that spoil the fun for her.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Delish goodies!!

These 2 are on Bakerella's site and just waiting to be made!!

Pink Cuttlebug?

Looks red to me! But what do I know maybe it's just a deep pink? I'm just kinda glad I didn't pick this one out.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

How-to: Flower Blooms!.....

Cut the flowers out (you will have enough on this sheet for two flowers)
Take the largest flower head, and slightly fold it up into a bud shape, and then release...

Then, using either your finger or an old rub on tool, curl the petals back on themselves.

Till it looks a little like this.
repeat this for the middle and center flowers. Glue the middle flower into the centre of the larger flower, and then glue the center flower to the middle flower, like this.
put a big old dollop of glue in the center of the flower.. and sprinkle on the seed beads to form a pretty center.
The glue I used dries clear... so it doesn't stay white like in the photo.
This looks really pretty and vintage when done with book paper too - infact, it will take on a myriad of personalities depending on your card choice, possibilities = endless.
found online:

Quickie Spread...

Snowy Dog...

I know some of you have to remember when it was snowing for like 3 weeks in a row. Well this is my dog Shadow and she loved the snow every now and then. This just happend to be a day when she loved it the most.

From My Craft Show...

Here is my table at the craft fair. This was my sign. Cute right? I did a lot of projects and then displayed a lot too. This was from the other post the other day. I couldn't post all these pictures from my home computer. So here ya go....

Rev. Walker's Birthday card

Ummm....Fried Chicken

This was dinner the other night. Looked so good I thought I'd post it! :O)