Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nursery University

Tonight, I watched this program called Nursery Univ. it was all about rich or wealthy, upper middle class white (non-african american) families compete for a spot for thier children to be in nursery school in the upper east side of Manhattan.

Check this out:
Application: $50 for each school per child
1 Semester $20K per child (selective School)
500 applications from parents
120 school applications
20 slots for children

Unbelievable!! One family paid $14K for thier child to play and nap in nursery school.. And why you ask? All to get into the best colleges. I'm just so disturbed by actuallying seeing a documentary on this!!

Country & City School
Ephiphany School
St. Barts
Mandell School

I'm going to look these up and see what the process/application really looks like just to satisfy my curosity. One lady who didn't get in....moved out of the city because they couldn't get the school she wanted!!!

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