Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...Love it cookies...

Cookies with Milk will always work. I love them with milk and with icecream. I also like them with whiped cream..Oooh, Aaah.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup butter, room temperature
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 cups chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a medium bowl, mix flour, baking soda and salt with a wire whisk and set aside.
With a mixer, beat butter and both sugars until well blended.
Beat in eggs and vanilla.
Add flour mixture in two additions until combined.
Stir in 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips.
Use a mini ice cream scoop to drop cookie dough on a parchment covered cookie sheet about 2 inches apart.
Bake for 8-10 minutes.
Tip: About half way through baking, sprinkle reserved chips on top of cookies. This is just to make them prettier so, some of the chips are seen on top.


  1. those cookies look so dang good!!!!! i think i will use your recipe and make me some, baking is another one of my pasions along with scrapbooking!!

  2. Go for it!! I'm a cookie/snack baking person too!