Monday, November 9, 2009

Freezer T-Shirt Instructions



Tote or T-Shirt
Iron – Mine is set on cotton setting
Tulip Fabric Paint
Freezer Paper – Found at Walmart near foil
Paint Brushs
Cricut – To cut out Stencil

1. Wash you tote/t-shirt and dry.

2. Iron out your tote/t-shirt so there are no creases where your image is going.

3. Select the image you want, size that you want, and cut in the middle of your freezer paper using your cricut. Make sure your FLIP button is on and the shinny side of the paper is up.

4. Take you stencil off your mat. Flip stencil over so shinny side is on tote/t—shirt.

5. Iron stencil on until all edges are secure to prevent paint leaking underneath. Make sure to add your little details that were cut out of your image. (strawberry seeds, eyes, etc, and iron them on too.)

6. Place an extra sheet of freezer paper or cardboard inside the shirt so that no paint leaks through. I DID NOT do this with the tote bag as the material was thick but you can.

7. Pour paint on brush or plate and paint. Let it dry at least 4 hours before applying a second coat.

8. When tote/t-shirt is all done let it sit for 72 hours.

9. After 72 hours wash inside out and dry. If it needs to be ironed I ironed mine while inside out.

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