Thursday, October 8, 2009

How To Hear From God:: Joyce Meyers

These are some quotes from JM's book "How to hear from God" I thought I'd post this because I needed to hear/read some of these things and hope it's helpful for someone else too.

"When we hear from God, we do not need to wait for three people to tell us the same thing; we simply need to have an attitude of faith, like Paul, and wait for God to show us the next step."

"We may not know what to do, but it is sufficient to know the One who knows. We all like specific direction; however, when we don't have it, knowing God is faithful and ever true to His promise, and that He has promised to be with us always, is comforting and keeps us stable until His time is right to speak to us more specifically."

"Now some of us may think that we know it all! But we know in part, and that is why trust is still needed no matter how much God tells us, or how clearly He speaks to us."

"He leads us. He doesn't push us. He doesn't hand us a map and send us on our way without Him. He wants us to keep our eyes on Him, and follow Him one step at a time. Step by step. Step by step."

"I learned that even when we are in a place of obedience, we often have no way in the natural of knowing for sure whether we are right or wrong. We have nothing more than faith to help us take that first step. We are not going to know for sure that what we are doing is the right thing until after we have done it and then look back to see if God was there to anoint our efforts."

"Sometimes we may be wrong. That thought seems frightening, so we think, I'd better just stay here where it's safe. But if we do that, we will soon be miserable, if God has truly told us to move forward."

"I have discovered that if our heart is right, and we do the best we know to do when we hear from Him, God will redeem us and honor our steps of obedience. If we move in childlike trust to obey what we believe in our heart He has told us to do, even if the decision is wrong, God will take that mistake and work it out for good..."

"Many people are afraid to move because they think that if they make a mistake, God will be angry with them. But this is where trusting His character is so vital to walking in faith..."

"So now, I exhort you with this truth: Don't spend all your life playing it safe! Safety is very comfortable, but it may be keeping you from God's perfect plan for your life..."

"If you want God's will in your life more than anything else, if you've done everything you know what to do to hear from Him, then you have to take a chance, step out, and believe."

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