Monday, September 28, 2009

Master Questionnaire for Cricut MB

Here it goes! I'll fill it out here and then post it there!

MB Name: Pink Ladybug Scrapper

First Name: Raquelle

Your birthday: January 28

Do you have any Children or Pets: Children (3) Pets (2)

What do you and/or a spouse do for a living (If you don’t mind sharing):
I am a Domestic Engineer and my dh is a Network Operations Engineer

Children’s Name & Fur Babies Names & Ages (if you don’t mind sharing, if you do that is okay):
Children: (Janee, Jerome, Shanelle) Fur-babies: (Shadow & Simba)

Birthdays &/or Anniversaries or momentous occasions of Family Members (Just in case your
Partner would like to send cards):
Wedding Anniversary: December 21, 2002

Anything your Partner should know that is going to happen in the upcoming year (birth, graduation, promotion, launch of new business, marriage, etc…):
2010 will be our 9th year wedding anniversary!

What is your Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

What is your Favorite Season: Holiday (Fall)

Do you like to Read? Who is your Favorite Author or What kind of books do you like:
I love to read! My favorite book is the Bible.

Favorite Disney Character: Minnie Mouse

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music

Top 10 Favorite Brands: I'm not really a brand person except for Provocraft!!

Favorite Paper: pretty ones!

Favorite Colors: pretty ones (pink of course!)

Do you scrapbook, make cards, or both: both!

List top 10 Favorite Embellishments: brads, eyelets, ribbons, glitter, stickers

What color stickles do you like or use a lot: don't know what stickles are?? Sorry!

What are your current projects that you are working on: Family Calendar and Christmas cards.

What are your goals when it comes to scrapbooking next year (Please List All):
have a display at a craft show
host a scrap/crop session
start a scrapbooking class in our town.
scrapbook our cruise!

Do you Stamp? If so, what brand of stamps do you like: Stamping Up! (I don't have any yet, but would love some!)

What Cricut cuts would you like (List 10): all of them.

Is there any product you are looking for but can't find: The goo punch from Martha Stewart.

Do you like glitter, what brand: any brand

Favorite candy: kit kats!

Favorite snack: seedless red grapes and cheese cubes

List 10 things you would like to find in a paint can:
$150 gift card from a craft store
$150 gift card for a book store
silk flowers

Do you use stickers? If so, what brand of stickers do you prefer: Jolee? Very cute.

Do you own the Baby Bug or the Expression or the Create: I own the Expression.

Wish list of 5 cartridges:
Winter Woodland
Pink Journey
Tags Bags & More
Story Book
Christmas Solutions
Lyrical Letters

Do you have a bind it all: no.

Do you like chocolate? Dark or Milk Chocolate: Milk Chocolate

What is your favorite technique: don't have one yet.

What technique what you like to know more about: stamping, I guess. 3d embellishments.

Do you have design studio: Yep!

List 10 things that you would like to have created on Design Studio:
welding letters
pocket book
lacy scallops
treat boxes
word book
cute cards

Do you have a Cuttlebug: not yet. I do have a big kick, though.

List Top 10 Cuttlebug Folders on your wish List:
I don'tknow them all, but I'd like pretty scrolls and the winter embossing and happy birthday, I guess.

Is there anything that you don’t like that is related to scrapbooking: journaling by hand.

Is there anything else you want your Partner to know about you: Even though I just started, I'm grateful for any thing. Hoping my creative juices will kick in!!

Is there anything non scrapbooking that your Partner should know such as Collections, Hobbies, favorite past time: I love card making and giving little treats. I do have a tea pot collection too!

What is your favorite scent: Happy by Clinique or White Diamonds.

Is there anything you don’t like in general: not having enough scrapbook supplies.

Wish List:
more cartridges

What Size do you scrapbook most, 6x6, 8x8, or 12x12: 12x12 and 8x8.

Are you allergic to anything: nope.

Do you like to alter items, If so what do you like to alter: notebooks, binders.

List your Cartridges:
Home Decor
Tear Drop
Sans Sarif
Opposites Attract
Wedding Solutions
Life's a beach
George Basic Shapes

Do you subscribe to any scrapping magazines: no.

What is your favorite Scrapbook Store that is near you? Scrapdoodles

What is your favorite Scrapbook Website Store (other than Provocraft and, that is everyone's favorite.) not sure

Do you use stencils: no.

Top 5 favorite adhesive: Oooh, I want that ATG gun!! but I like glue dots.

Do you like paper punches: yes, I love them.

Do you have kids or grandchildren you scrap with: yes, my daughter.

If you own a Cuddlebug, List your folders: I have one of the scrolls folders.

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